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5 Ways to Leverage The New Year with Cannabis Beverages


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5 Ways to Leverage The New Year with Cannabis Beverages

Happy (Microdosed) New Year!  

As the end of another year approaches, many people are planning their New Year’s Eve celebrations, as well as setting resolutions that will (hopefully) guide them into the next. One of the most noteworthy changes people are making this year is choosing to ditch the alcohol, and opting to make a microdosed cannabis beverage like Cann their social drink of choice, instead. 

Here are five reasons people will be cheersing with a cannabis beverage this year – not just on New Year’s Eve, but all year long.   

1. Keep Your Old Friends   

Microdosed cannabis beverages have become so popular because  of how convenient they are to integrate into existing routines and social scenes. 

The low dose of cannabis in Cann delivers an uplifting, social buzz similar to what people experience when drinking a beer, glass of wine or cocktail. It’s crafted specifically to be enjoyed – and shared – socially. Which means you don’t have to change your plans or your friends (unless you’re over them, too). All you have to change is your drink.   

2. Meet New Friends, Too 

Microdosed cannabis beverages are rapidly gaining popularity, but there are still lots of people out there who haven’t had the chance to try one. For some, this is due to a lack of availability in their state. For others, past experiences with unnecessarily powerful cannabis edibles has left a bad taste in their mouth.

That’s where Cann comes in. The low dose of cannabis (2mg THC + 4mg CBD) and the quick onset of effects (because it’s a liquid) – plus its delicious taste – means Cann is literally the perfect introduction to cannabis for first-timers. Or reintroduction for people who want to give cannabis another shot. 

And for those friends of yours who already consume cannabis, Cann is a refreshing, versatile addition to their existing session. 

Tl;dr Instead of beer or wine, bring Cann to the next social event and watch the magic unfold.    

cannabis beverage

3. No New Year’s Hangovers  

What if you could go out, have a few drinks, get a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested and fresh? That isn’t some far-fetched fantasy – that’s the reality of switching to a cannabis beverage. 

We’ve always known alcohol is the culprit behind the next-day headaches and nausea – what we didn’t have (until now) was a suitable alternative. But finally, by switching to a cannabis beverage like Cann, you can leave hangovers in the past, instead of making them a part of your future. 

4. A Micro Change With Macro Results

One of the best reasons to drink a microdosed cannabis beverage: it’s an easy change. Instead of some unattainable resolution like a 60-day exercise challenge-cleanse, drinking Cann is an easy, low-risk high-reward change that you can make today. 

Plus, Cann is made with all-natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, and has a guilt-free calorie count (35-40 cals in a single Cann).  

5. More Available Than Ever   

It’s easier than ever before to get your hands lips on a microdosed cannabis beverage like Cann. For the last few years, Cann was only available in a few select states. But as the popularity of Cann grows, so does its availability. 

Whether shopping directly on Cann’s website, or with one of their trusted retail partners like MedMen, Eaze, and Stiiizy, it’s never been easier to stock the cooler with cannabis beverages for New Years Eve.

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