Flavors to Savor: Ginger Lemongrass and More


Flavors to Savor: Ginger Lemongrass and More

Spring is right around the corner which means one thing: outdoor drinking! We all love to sip in the sun, but what about those who don’t love day drinking? A five o’clock hangover isn’t as fun as it’s cracked up to be, which is why Cann is saving your spring

Ginger Lemon-Yass

Consider us in our Artpop era. We’re taking a big swing with a brand-new flavor. The delicate blend of ginger and lemongrass taste come together to create something magical that only a few will fully appreciate. Think of it like a sexier Moscow Mule, but without the hangover or empty calories from gingerbeer. 

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Blood Orange Cardamom

First and foremost, no blood orange drink contains blood. They are simply enriched with blood orange juice. They’re like regular oranges, but juicier and redder. We pair it with cardamom to bring out that extra oomph in both flavor profiles. 

When the weather becomes perfect for fresh air and fresh flowers, a 2mg microdose will give you the relaxed buzz your soul needs (and that shoveling dirt doesn’t provide). This is a Cann fam favorite, and what our team recommends for first-timers. 

Lemon Lavender

For the Swifties still living in a Lavender Haze, we have just the thing. With an all-natural lavender flavor, our Lemon Lavender Cann has the perfect pinch of sweet and sour to spice up the season. If you’ve ever enjoyed a crisp, cool lemonade on a warm day and thought, “I wish this was more sophisticated” then 1) okay chic, and 2) we got you boo.

Grapefruit Rosemary 

If you’ve ever sipped a grapefruit rosemary cocktail (or grapefruit rosemary mocktail) like a Paloma (or virgin Paloma) then you already know about this winning combo. She’s feisty, she’s tart, and she tastes SO good. This flavor can divide families, in that it’ll reveal which of your relatives don’t like cool things. Be the cool weed soda aunt, and sip your Grapefruit Rosemary Cann on the eve of the solstice to feel more in tune with the universe.

One for the Roadies

Taking drinks to go is fun, but packing the whole bar cart ain’t it. No one wants to carry around cocktail mixer, AND liquor, AND ice, AND plastic cups. It’s too much. That’s why we’ve created Roadies. It’s all of our favorite flavors in a tasty liquid pouch that mixes into your favorite beverage. They literally turn anything into a TCH-infused treat.

So this spring, get out there. Bring your taste buds, and share a few Cann with your buds. Cann is a Social Tonic after all and better when enjoyed socially. 

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