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The Best Alcohol for No Hangover? THC Infused Drinks Are the Answer


The Best Alcohol for No Hangover? THC Infused Drinks Are the Answer

Unless you are a college student with a liver of steel not yet worn down by the struggles of adulthood, chances are hangovers are getting worse. (fresh faced 21-year-olds, do you.) This guide is for those of us who’ve thrown our cap, and are just about ready to throw in the towel on alcohol too. 

“I’m So Hungover”

For those who aren’t Gen Z, are your hangovers getting worse? Same. As our bodies get older, it gets harder for them to process alcohol. Ah the days of  double-fisting Gin and Tonics on a Tuesday until four am, thenmaking it to a six am lecture completely unphased. 

The headaches, the anxiety, the malaise, the “who did I text last night?” It’s  all so exhausting. We set arbitrary rules like “it’s only when I mix liquor” or “tequila makes me get in fist fights.” The problem isn’t the type of alcohol ““ it is the alcohol. 

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Alcohol Substitute

Sure, you can reach for a non alcoholic beer or non alcoholic wine to avoid your hangover. Those allow you to enjoy all the delicious flavors of hops and concord grapes. But let’s be honest, you’re not drinking beer and wine for the taste. You want that buzz, that end of the day relaxed feeling, that “I’m part of the crowd” feeling. So what can(n) you reach for? 

THC Infused Drinks

Hemp drinks or CBD infused drinks like Cann Social Tonics are a game changer for those looking for an alcohol alternative. Cann’s hemp derived social tonics still give you a nice buzz with  2mg of THC  AKA: you can still drink with your friends, get that lifted feeling, and avoid the hangover in the morning.

Non-alcoholic beer and mocktails are also full of sugar and carbs. It’s not worth the bloat if there’s no buzz Cann’s made with all-natural ingredients like agave nectar and real fruit juice, so each one comes out to only 35 calories. It’s a deal sweeter than a Shirley Temple, and way less humiliating to ask for than a Shirley Temple. 

Say goodbye to hangovers, not your social hangouts. Say high to Cann and a better-for-you way to drink. (Also like a lot less money spent on Tylenol. Those headaches are not worth the nights you can’t remember. You’re welcome.) 

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