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Blood Orange Drinks + Cardamom- THC The Results Bro


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Blood Orange, Cardamom, and THC: Your New Favorite Throuple

Life’s better as a duet: when two unexpected things come together, it can create harmony. Some may even say magic. Like Tom and Jerry. Or pineapple and pizza. Or weed and soda. Cann Social Tonics are just that — an unexpected, harmonious combination that creates magic — with a bit of THC, CBD, and flavors that match. Enter Blood Orange and Cardamom.

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What is a Blood Orange?

It’s f*cking red.

Other than that, blood oranges are like their cousin on the Florida’s Natural carton, only a little more tart and sweet. They’re also juicier (call that a WAO) which makes them a prime ingredient for specialty blood orange drinks. 

If you’re looking for how to make blood orange drinks, there’s really no trick to it. Take any recipe that may call for orange, and sub in the cool kid in crimson. Even better, skip making the drink. We already made one, and it’s great. 

What is Cardamom?

Cardamom is a spice derived from seed pods of a few different plants. These are referred to as cardamom pods. Chances are you’ve seen them if you frequent Indian restaurants. The plants are native to the region, and cardamom is a staple in their cuisine. It brings a warm sweetness that makes it perfect for cooking and baking and is as versatile as cinnamon or Nutmeg. 

Why Those Two Together?

Some things just naturally go together: peanut butter & Jelly, Mary Kate & Ashley, and Blood Orange & Cardamom. They both have a sophisticated almost tropical profile, so why not combine them into a vacation for your mouth?

Better yet, when you drink our signature blood orange cardamom social tonics (also available as Hi Boys) there’s no hangover. Find us something alcoholic in a can that tastes this good, and won’t leave you with the most nightmarish, sugar-fueled hangover of your life. It’s giving Mad Dog, and you deserve better than Mad Dog. Everyone deserves better than Mad Dog.

We can go on and on about how delicious blood orange cardamom Cann is, or how we make it with premium fresh ingredients, or even how microdosing THC in a tasty tonic makes you feel amazing today and tomorrow, but honestly you’re better off trying one for yourself. Just typing about it is making us thirsty, aren’t you? 

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