California Sober Curious? Hemp Drinks are Here to Help


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California Sober Curious? Hemp Drinks are Here to Help

Nothing makes you say “I’m never drinking again” quite like that January 1st hangover. Just because you started the year with your head in the toilet, doesn’t mean it has to be a total sh*t show. 

Breaking Up with Booze

Sober January is on the rise, much to the delight of livers everywhere. More and more people are taking it a step further, and adopting a so-called ‘California sober’ lifestyle, wherein enjoying THC and hemp products doesn’t count as breaking sobriety.  

This can be a great trick for anyone trying to quit alcohol cold turkey. It’s also better for you and means you can leave hangovers in the past. Hemp-infused drinks still give you a buzz, but without the vomit, headaches, or 4 am texts to your ex. (We know you miss them, but you broke up 3 years ago. You gotta stop.) 

A West Coast State of Mind

It makes sense why this trend is catching on, especially in CA where THC and hemp products were available recreationally so early. Alcohol comes with a whole slew of repercussions, but what’s the worst thing that happens when you get a little high? Oh no! You’ve listened to too much Jazz!

Even celebs like Demi Lovato, whose song ‘California Sober’ helped popularize the term, are switching it up to protect their health. It’s easier to give up just one vice rather than all of them, and you still have an outlet to blow off steam after a particularly long day of the entire planet burning. 

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But My Friends are All Doing it

Socializing sober is hard, we get it. It can suck to order ANOTHER soda water with bitters by the time everyone else at the bar is starting to stumble and slur, but you can still be the social butterfly with some help from hemp. Cann Infused Social Tonics look like a hard seltzer (who are we kidding, they’re way cuter) and are perfect for keeping pace with your brewski-loving broskis.  The 2mg THC dosage means you can build your hemp high at a pace similar to those drinking plain old alcohol. 

We’re not going to pretend social pressures aren’t there, and the nice thing about going California sober is that it’s a more forgiving approach. Slip-ups happen, but it’s about getting back up and riding the wave you want to. Try it for a month, and see how you feel. Your body will thank you, and you may even find it easier than you thought. 

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