Cannabis Products 101: Getting to Know Your THC Toolkit


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Cannabis Products 101: Getting to Know Your THC Toolkit 

If you’ve ever set foot in a dorm, you’ve probaaably seen a weed grinder, rolling papers, and a pencil scattered across some desk. For those of you who spent more time in class than learning how to roll a joint, we know all of these ~accouterments~ can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about cannabis products and consumption. 

Let’s Blow This Joint

Take a gander at Risky Business or Broad City, and you’ll likely see characters taking puffs from a joint. They are the most classic methodology of consumption. Seth Rogan even took it to a higher level by rolling a cross joint (AKA the Pineapple Express joint). 

Joint assembly is simple – well, at least with joint cones (aka pre-rolled joint papers). To fill, you need to grind your bud (add whole flower to your grinder and spin until it’s all finely ground), add your ground flower into the open end of the cone until almost completely full, and twist the end to seal the deal. If you’re new to rolling a joint, no worries, it takes practice. (Or asking your college buddy with the silliest nickname, odds are they’re a pro.)

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Bubbles: They Are the Joy and the Laughter

For those who feel a little braver (and have trained lung capacity) there is bubbler, aka a bong. (No, not the sound a gong makes, but a glass smoking device filled with water.) A bubbler is a multi-piece instrument consisting of a bowl, percolator, water reservoir, and spout. 

By pulling the smoke through the water, you fill the reservoir until you are ready to inhale. By percolating smoke through water it’s believed to create a smoother hit, but go slow – a large inhale might not feel smooth. 

For those living in the year 3008 (or 2023, whatever) inhaling is easier than ever with the invention of weed pens. By vaporizing cannabis oil, they let you puff as you please on the go. Just try not to lose your charger in the back of an Uber pool, because someone WILL keep if for their own vape. 

Potent Potables (and Edibles) 

Consuming cannabis orally doesn’t have to tax your throat and lungs. There are easier, less cough-inducing, ways to enjoy your bud and eat it too. That’s why we have THC edibles. Most people think edibles are space cakes, magic brownies, or gummies. And they’re right: these are all great options for treats that will leave a slightly nasty aftertaste thanks to cannabis oil or butter.

For those who enjoy things that taste good, there’s Cann. Cann is a 2mg THC seltzer that lets you build your buzz, deliciously and without burning your throat or tastebuds. It comes in award-winning flavors like Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Blood Orange Cardamom. The low dosage also lets you build your buzz, rather than riskily trusting a friend-of-a-friend who was “really careful” measuring the cannabis oil for this batch of brownies. 

Humble Beginnings 

There are dozens of ways to enjoy cannabis, from a hollowed-out apple to the fearsome volcano. However, not all of these are accessible to the canna-curious. When you need a grinder, paper, flower, a lighter, glassware, etc., to get just a tiny bit high, things can get overwhelming quickly. That’s why Cann is here for you. It’s an entry into the wonderful world of cannabis, with no additional hardware needed. Just crack, sip, and deliciously enjoy your way into a buzzy microdose of joy.

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