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Weed Gummies Hitting Too Hard? Microdose THC is the Solution


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Weed Gummies Hitting Too Hard? Microdose THC is the Solution

We’ve all heard the stories of a weed brownie gone wrong. One minute your college roommate’s cousin is chilling, an hour later they resemble the deflated-girl from those antiquated anti-drug ads. 

These exaggerations about the effects of pot brownies get circulated to scare people away from trying new, but perfectly safe, substances. Worry not, because Cann has the 411 for newbies getting in on the 420 fun. 

Weed Edibles

Consumable weed is nothing new. Gummies, brownies, spacecakes, and even the rare yet classy amuse-bouche are prepared with cannabutter or infused oil. Once ingested, the THC is absorbed into your bloodstream through the lining of your stomach. There are two common issues with these options though: dosage and onset.

Let’s talk about dosage: Now that edibles are available in store, and are required to adhere to FDA regulations and guidelines, finding clearly labeled dosage is a lot easier. However, many of these are considered high dose, or heroic dose, products. If you go the DIY route, then those brownies are made by eyeballing measurements. That’s a recipe (that they didn’t read) for disaster.

Onset, or the time it takes for the edible to kick in, can also get tricky. Often times, especially with newbies, they’ll think the edible isn’t “working” because after a half hour they don’t feel it. That may tempt them to take another dose, which again can cause some satanic levels of panic. 

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Microdosing Weed

We’re not here to scare you off cannabis. Quite the contrary, we want to be like  the cool older sibling that shows you how to have a good time, without repeating our mistakes. That’s why we want you to dip your toes into the cool (sparkling) waters of microdosing cannabis. 

Cann is a consumable social tonic, with exactly 2mg of THC and 4mg CBD. Our carefully measured (and balanced) beverages let you build your buzz as you go to find the perfect altitude for you. They also hit in just 15 minutes, meaning there’s no risk of double dipping because “it’s not working!”

So before you dive into the deep end blind, and wind up with another exaggerated story for a friend-of-a-friend try Cann. Because microdosing is the better way to start, and believe us, it tastes better than your buddy’s brownies too.

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