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Awesome taste

Super smooth, very fruit forward. More intense flavor than a la croix but not super sweet or over powering. Also the mellowing effects are great. My favorite of the cbd/thc drinks ive tried

Lemon Lavender Hi Boy
Kathryn Hamilton

Lemon Lavender Hi Boy

Very enjoyable.

The drink was tasty and just the right buzz for me.

The Starter Pack
Christine Alvarez

My favorite is the lemon lavender!

The Starter Pack
James Rommel
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A great alternative to comparable items AND it's delicious.


Im hooked on this flavor! Great way to relax and unwind and am so glad to have it shipped weekly.

My favorite flavor in winter

I love the quality ingredients and the low calories. This is my favorite flavor for winter and it pairs well as a before dinner or after dinner drink.

Delicious, all!

I can’t decide which of the Canns tastes best, cause it’s a tough choice. The Grapefruit Rosemary might have a slight edge but Cann did a great job of perfecting flavors for a more discerning taste palette. Not at all cloying or overly sweet. No weed taste at all. The quality of ingredients is impressive. I drink both the high boys and the 2mg Canns and they are all amazing.
I can reach a nice, breezy, buzz with the nice surprise of cutting back my alcohol consumption by more than half, easily.
All in all, happy customer.

Perfect night cap

I love these drinks but I got my husband hooked so we got a subscription. He often has a difficult time unwinding and getting a good nights rest. He’ll wake up in the middle of the night and his mind will start to race. After drinking some lo-boys he now is able to fully relax without feeling intoxicated or high and sleeps like a baby.

Lemon Lavender Roadie
Danielle Sage
Tiny, tasty, and effective!

Love these! Perfect for enjoying after work or out with friends. Perfect amount of CBD and THC to keep me zen and social. I would mix it with Trader Joe’s lemon elderflower sparkling soda.


First I love this flavor and second it gives me a nice relaxing feeling. It’s kinda like floating on a cloud. Perfect for unwinding and also perfect for a party! I signed up for a subscription because I don’t want to be without!

My favorite is grapefruit

I love both the grapefruit Cann drinks and the roadies

The Starter Pack
Sheree Powers

The Starter Pack

Love all the flavors !

The flavors are all amazing.go with the variety pack for sure

Perfect accessory for a night out

Love the roadies - small and easy to slip into a pocket and discreetly add some flavor to a sprite or tonic.

The Starter Pack
colleen francis

The Starter Pack

The Starter Pack
Shari Campbell
I never used to get high…

I was not a cannabis smoker. Dabbled every now and again but didn’t like to smoke. I also wanted to lower my consumption of alcohol but still let loose a little. What an option. I love Cann!!! I get a nice high after one high boy and can still have a drink or two!!! So super excited to have it delivered every month!!! Well done Cann, well done!!

Lemon Lavender
Nancy Miller

This is my favorite. Very mild. I like all flavors but because of medication I’m not to have grapefruit 😞

Great product, poor packaging

I really love these! The taste is great and it's easy to bring these places where there's drinking so I can spike my own soda. However, the packaging is not great. I've ordered them twice and each shipment, they were crushed and it made some of the roadies burst, making they rest all sticky. I lost about 3 between two shipments. Other than that I love these!

The Roadie Sampler Pack
Irene Senyszyn
Delicious flavor without THC benefit for price

Really great mocktails at a high price point. I’d personally opt for something with a higher THC content if I was going to pay the price and if I wanted the effects

Blood Orange Cardamom
Curtis Pierce
Perfect Amount For A Chill Night

Blood Orange Cardamom. 2mg. Perfect amount for a perfect night. Just enough to take the weight of the world off your shoulders just before you crawl into bed and have the best nights sleep and waking up refreshed. So yeah, I liked it.

The Roadie Sampler Pack
Stefanie South
Had my doubts but....

This sampler was more than I expected. I was really pleased and surprised by the quality. I'm a CANN fan and now they've got another product I can rely on. CHEERS!

I used to get the cans at a local store but they lost their distributor. I love the Roadies because they will be great for tailgating season!!

The Starter Pack
Carleen Snyder

Amazing! My go to now instead of a glass of wine! Helping with the midsection as well!!