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Great drink

This Cann over Ice with a bit of vodka is wonderful!!

New favorite drinks!

I honestly love all the flavors! Highly recommend drinking Cann over ice in a fancy glass for the best vibes.

Grapefruit Rosemary
Grapefruit Rosemary - WONDERFUL!

I am not a fan of grapefruit flavored drinks; however, the Grapefruit Rosemary is AMAZING! A perfect blend of natural flavors with a slightly smokey aftertaste; one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve had in a long time. Nothing overly sweet or artificial to the palate. All of these drinks are tasty, and provide a relaxed little high, and low calorie count is an added plus. If you’re on the fence - jump, grab a starter pack and find your favorite!

The Starter Pack

Had at an event during SXSW and need them at all bars

Yes please

Great flavor. Perfect post work treat.

The Starter Pack
Lord Fixxy
Banging guard rails

These are tasty little buggers. I’m pretty soon you’re gonna want to open up the lavender one and port over your stirfry as such flavor.

If you can buy the lemon, one with some WD-40 and the Salt Lick, you’ll have the meat sweats for days

Not to mention, if you really do place that order you probably won’t receive it and no one will contact you

Hibiscus to you all

The Starter Pack
Patrick Wafflecakes
Love Cann Seeing Pandas

I decided to get really crazy and combine the lavender and the lemon THCCBD signed me up I started seeing pandas and pretty soon. I was dancing with them rolling around eating garbage and telling everyone my name is Patrick. I highly suggest this product. Don’t forget to buy a tube steak to feed the pandas.

The Starter Pack
Randolf Mangoo
Seeing Triple Cann

I have to admit at first, I was skeptical then I decided to try a mixed pack and Lordy it made me feel under 40. By the second Ken, I was so relaxed I decided to move my bowels all over the living room floor. Nothing seem to matter everyone was laughing. Who is the best party? I’ve been to in years until I woke up in the dog crate

The Starter Pack
A. Larson
Excellent party alternative

As someone who chose to drop alcohol, but still loves to party and missed feeling just a little bit buzzy, but not fully baked, this is a perfect option. The flavors are great - blood orange cardamom is my current favorite from the sampler - and the buildable buzz is just right. More similar to the first/second drink lightness and looseness (without the negatives!) than partaking in other forms of thc, in my opinion. Definitely a new party staple for me!


I like to drink them ice cold, and over ice. SO refreshing, so delicious, and 1 Cann has the effect of about 1 beer, in my opinion. I think my favorite flavor is the orange, but I really enjoyed them all!

Love these!

I was pleasantly surprised with these. For me, I definitely start to feel a shift after 2, 2.5 of these. The starter pack let me try 3 flavors. While I think they don't have too much of a distinct taste, each one has its own subtle flavor.

Good **** man

These are amazing! All 4 flavors are yummy. Super relaxed feeling.

Cann Rocks!

Just received my order of the 3 pack! These drinks are so tasty! I love the resealable tabs just in case I decide to only drink half of one! I told a friend about them & he ordered some as well! My order arrived on time & not damaged in any way. I will definitely order again! So happy they are finally available in Michigan!

Where’s My Shipment

You say you fulfilled the order 7 days ago but using the UPS tracking info it hasn’t been picked up by UPS yet. So I guess my question is when will it ship?

The Starter Pack
Carrie Faverty

The order never arrived. I’m currently on your site trying to figure out why it says it’s completed.

The Starter Pack
Raheen Rivera
Still waiting

It been 1and 1/2 weeks and just may label been made no farther information at this time.. I ln Pennsylvania. Does it normally take this long for deliveries?

Ginger Lemongrass
Stefanie Frid Jørgensen
My favorite

This just tastes amazing!

Lemon Lavender
Jeffrey Coleman

I was hesitant about trying this but so glad I did! The flavor is so delicious and the feeling is amazing. Perfect way to end a stressful day with no next day hangover. 10/10 recommendation.

The Starter Pack
Elizabeth Barone

I never received my order. I sent an email inquiring and have not received a response.


I loved my first order and am ready to order again. Perfect combination!

Grapefruit Rosemary
Unfulfilled customer
Never received

Customer service has not responded to email or text.

The Starter Pack
Elise Fenton

Absolutely love this product. Delicious and very calming 😊

The Starter Pack
Nicole Pieterse

Delicious, I love all three flavors and it’s a great way to relax. The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey.

The Game Day Bundle
Renee Schwarzkopf
Love These!!!

These concoctions are delicious! Just the right amount of buzz without the dreaded hangover. Will be keeping these on hand at all times!

The Starter Pack
Fidencio Tani
Didn’t get delivery

What do you mean “fulfilled”?