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Best flavor me. Enjoy

Grapefruit Rosemary
Corinne Rodrigues

Grapefruit Rosemary

The Starter Pack
Janice Tuzzio

These are my new go to drinks. I have taken a break from alcohol, wine, etc., and these satisfy the nice happy buzz I need, and I don’t need to have too many at one time. The flavors are amazing and I especially love that they aren’t carbonated.

The Starter Pack
Judith Chiles

How wonderful that I can buy CANN here in Washington. Discovered these drinks in Palm Springs at The Leaf and purchased them there on yearly visits. Only had the Lemon Lavender but the Grapefruit Rosemary and Blood Orange Cardamom are equally delightful. Thanks for creating such a great product. Will be reordering soon.

The Starter Pack
Jodi Redfearn

Please let me know how to cancel I’m getting to many boxes. Thank you.


Love the roadies

Grapefruit Rosemary Roadie
Maunda JacksonStewart
Nice taste

I like the taste. It’s lightly sweet and when mixed with grapefruit sparkling water, it makes for a good cocktail.


Super tasty and relaxing! The flavors are perfect.

The Starter Pack
Natalie Ikemeier

The Starter Pack

Exactly what I was searching for!

I am unable to consume alcohol and have missed enjoying a relaxing evening cocktail. I have a low tolerance for THC so one CANN is perfect when I’m looking to unwind. Two are great if I’d like a small buzz and some giggles. These very taste nice and are just a smidge sweet. I’m smitten!

Man, that was good!

I am reviewing this product under the influence of awesomeness. This Hi Boy is exactly what this soon-to-to-high boy needs, The flavor is subtle, and even natural seeming, the bubbly index just about right, and the “secret” ingredient is the third dominant flavor, the preferable order. All in all, this is a great drink. I’d recommend it to my grandma.

CANN, thanks for the cheers!

The Starter Pack
Leah Mariscal
Favorite Brand

I take the roadies with me everywherec and have loved switching to the highboy cans as they give me the perfect dosage for a fun, giggly buzz (equivalent to 2-4 cocktails or glasses of wine). Cann has helped me find a healthier, more manageable way to social drink at home or elsewhere, without the excessive calories and brutal hangover that alcohol always gives. Setting up a subscription stat, it’s changed the game for me!

Love them!

Lemon Lavender
Caroline Lopez
A refreshing treat

I bought the sampler pack and love all three flavors. I drink one and it’s enough to help me feel relaxed after a lo g day at work. I wake up without any grogginess abd if I do take it during the day I can just hang and enjoy my day.

The Starter Pack
Kari Thies
Takes the edge off!

Delicious flavors and so easy to add to my Topo Chico! It’s not too strong… just subtle relaxation.


delicious, easy to use, easy to dose. great low key social item.

Awesome alcohol alternative

Really enjoy the small canns. 2-3 is my sweet spot. i just ordered the high boys and roadies. Can’t wait to try them too!

The Starter Pack
Penny Schutt

Relaxing 😎

My favorite flavor

Cann BOC is the best flavor. I love these and hope that I can always order direct for shipping, it’s so convenient. Roadies are great for travel, too.

Pretty tasty, just a little acidic.

Ideal for a night in or out!

Makes me feel better when I’m looking to relax but also be productive the next day!

Blood Orange Cardamom Hi Boy
Christine Asselin
Delicious and relaxing

Really delicious, refreshing and relaxing

Great alternative to liquor

Love this flavor- love the hi-boy. Gives a nice buzz.

Still haven’t received it

I like Cann but it takes FOREVER to get your order. Ordered this bundle on 9/4 and still don’t have it on 9/24.

The Starter Pack
Christie Drake

The Starter Pack