Yes, this is a frequently asked question. And yes, they are difficult to open. (Some of y’all have veeeeery interesting techniques. Please be safe.).

ONE: On the top of each Cann is a black XO tab, and on each tab is a white quality assurance seal. (If that white seal is broken, we recommend NOT consuming.)

TWO: Below the white seal is a smaller tab that says OPEN. Snap the OPEN tab up to pop open the lid and break the white quality assurance seal.

THREE: Once the XO tab pops open (and it will pop, be warned), slide the tab open, and voilá – you’ve got an open Cann!!! And one that can reseal thanks to these (pain-in-the-a**) XO tabs.

FOUR: Sip, sip, ahhhh… and reseal if you wanna.