Cann is intended to be a sessionable drink, meaning you can control and build your buzz. But your limit is unique to you, boo.

Cann has a mild amount of THC and CBD, so you can feel comfortable sipping into a light, slightly buzzy, sweet spot. *Note that 8oz Cann and Hi Boys have varying doses of THC and will cause varying effects.*

There is no “recommended serving size” for microdosed cannabis drinks. Why? Because a lot of factors influence how you might experience the effects. The most influential is your cannabis tolerance and experience.

With a typical onset of just 10-15 minutes (and the potential to last two-plus hours), we recommend sipping one Cann and building from there.

New(ish) to cannabis? We typically recommend start slow and low. Try one 8oz Cann, wait 10 minutes, and see how you feel.

Slightly more cannabis experience? We suggest opting for a Hi Boy (aka 5mg THC).

Well-established cannoisseurs? Pair Cann with a pre-roll or your favorite way to co-consume.