Cann is infused with a microdose of cannabis –  2mg THC & 4mg CBD per each 8oz can and 5mg THC per each 12oz can – and is intended to get you a tiiiiny bit high.

Cann is alcohol-free but said to feel similar to a glass of wine or beer: light, buzzy, and sociable without feeling out of control. Unlike alcohol, Cann won’t leave you feeling hungover. (We’re all about the buzz baby, not the booze or next-day regrets.)

However, effects and feelings will vary depending on your product of choice (Cann vs. Hi Boys vs. Roadies) as well as your unique cannabis tolerance. With a typical onset of just 10-15 minutes (and the potential to last two-plus hours), we recommend sipping one Cann and building from there.

See “How many Canns should I have?” for more information.