Cann Social Tonics are canned beverages infused with a microdose of cannabis (aka just a tiny bit of THC and CBD)* that are as bubbly, refreshing, and social as your favorite cocktail – sans the next-day hangover or regrets. We’re all buzz, no booze.

Because we’re infused with a low dose of cannabis, we’re the sippable (sessionable) reason to politely decline a beer or glass of wine – and the best way to consume socially. TL;DR we’re the best thing to happen to drinking since drinking. You’re welcome.

We’re cute: choose between 8oz and 12 oz cans.

We’re f*cking delicious: choose between three, award-winning flavors (plus limited-edition seasonal drops): Grapefruit Rosemary, Lemon Lavender, and Blood Orange Cardamom.

We’re perfect for parties: social is our middle name.

*Depending on your location and where you’re shopping, your Cann may contain THC/CBD that is derived from hemp or marijuana.  Both hemp and marijuana are the same species of cannabis, which is why we generally use “cannabis” for simplicity throughout this FAQ.  See “Market Availability / Hemp Questions” for more information.